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What does an escort’s photos say about her?

Los Angeles escorts Vivian 2 1 - What does an escort's photos say about her?

Take a look through our galleries of Hong Kong escorts and you’ll be greeted with page after page of gorgeous girls, all dressed sexily, scantily or not at all. All the photos are taken to show the girls in their best light, and all are taken so you can get a good idea of the escort you’ll be meeting before you actually make your booking. But what do an escort’s photos say about her? Can you judge her personality from the clothes she’s chosen, the poses she’s adopting and the way she looks into the camera, or are the photos simply make-believe? Which kind of photos are best to promote escorts? There’s no doubt that photos of escort girls need to be erotic, sensual, sexy and professional in order to get the maximum attention. We’ve all seen amateur photos, where the girls are badly lit, poorly made up and looking less than comfortable with their pose. No matter how beautiful the girls are, if they seem ill at ease, it’s unlikely that high class clients will want to pick up the phone and make a booking. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the photography is just right and that it portrays, as much as a photograph can, some of the personal qualities of the escort, not just their ability to adopt a sexy pose. It’s all about creating an image We know that a photograph is just a snapshot of time, and while it’s impossible to show all facets of a person through a few photos, they can be used to give you an idea of what kind of person they are. Take a look through our galleries now and you’ll see hundreds of girls. What makes one girl stand out from another. Maybe it’s a simple answer, such as you prefer blonde slim but busty escorts, so they’ll always be your first choice. Maybe you prefer big and buxom brunettes, such as ……. . However, it might not be so easy to ascertain why you prefer one woman over another. It might be something as subtle as a glance towards the camera that tells a story. You may prefer girls you look sweet and sensual, or women who look hot and horny, or even women who look downright dirty. There’s no accounting for what kind of images turn different people on. Choosing an outfit to project their personality Most escorts will want to project a certain kind of image. Some may want to promote several different aspects to their personality. This can all be done through the use of different poses and /or different props such as clothing, shoes, make-up and toys. Many Hong Kong escorts choose to present themselves in skimpy underwear, saucy uniforms or not dressed at all, while others prefer the subtle sexiness of a close-fitting evening gown. While most escorts prefer to style themselves so that they keep as close to their personality and preferences, some do opt to have professional styling and take advice from the escorts. As escort photography is all about attracting the right kind of attention, it’s important to get the styling right, and clothes and accessories are a big part of this. Before a shoot, the photographer will usually prompt the escorts to think about the kind of things that she wants her finished photographs to say. Is she sweet and sensual? Hot and horny? Stylish and sophisticated? Fun and playful? Her outfit choices will go a long way to confirm what she is trying to convey. The subtlety of lace Lace is a favourite choice for escort photographs. It has a long association with the classic idea of sexiness. It’s subtle, but sexy. It’s tantalising teasing as it allow you to bare flesh without revealing all. It’s tactile, provocative and pretty without being cheap and, as it comes in many colours, it can be used to complement skin tones or to add a contrast. Lace is often the first choice in lingerie for many escorts, although it’s increasingly being used in dresses, to add a subtle sexiness without resorting to showing too much flesh. Luxurious in silk When it comes to lingerie, silk is probably the ultimate in high-end luxury, style and sophistication. Not only is it wonderful to touch, but it has the ability to sculpt itself perfectly around a toned body. Available in a myriad of colours from the softest shell pinks and creams through to vibrant jewel tones, when you see escorts in silk, you know that they love the high life; that they love to be tactile and that they appreciate luxury. Leather-clad beauties Many of our Hong Kong escorts love to dress in leather. Whether that’s a leather skirt or dress or something with more of a fetish theme, there’s no doubting that leather spells eroticism. Photographers like leather as it provides a stark contrast with skin texture, and because it carries such deep sexual connotations. Imagine the photo now …. , a dominatrix in fierce leather lingerie, perhaps carrying a leather or suede flogger. The impact and meaning of the photograph is obvious. I’m in charge and I love being in control. You know exactly what you’re going to get when you see an escort dressed in leather, holding onto some kind of leather plaything! Latex and pvc lovers Which brings us onto latex and pvc. There’s nothing that says sex quite like latex and pvc. Loved by fetishists everywhere, there’s just something about the incredible sleekness and shine of latex and the way in which it hugs every curve of the body. While the outfits can be fun and flirty, think catsuits and short, flirty pvc skirts, the message given by an escort in latex or pvc is that I’m in control of my sexuality, and I know exactly how to treat you. Is latex one of your favourites? Uniforms Many of our escorts will choose to don a variety of uniforms for their escort photographs. From the traditional nurses’ outfits to secretaries and even playboy bunnies, uniforms suggest that the escorts will be happy to play a role, and let’s face it, many of us love the idea of playing out some fantasy game with a hot and horny woman. Whether nurses and secretaries really are any sexier than other professions doesn’t really matter – it’s all about the uniform.  Is there a perfect shot? Photographers would say that there isn’t a perfect shot as such, although they will always try their best to create a perfect shot for the situation – in that they will use the circumstances that they are presented with – the model, the light, the colours and use their skill and expertise to combine them into something as harmonious as possible, and which makes the subject look as beautiful as possible. After all, when we look in a gallery of escorts, we don’t really want to see the girls as they look as they tumble out of bed, warts and all (not that any of our girls have warts), we do love to see the girls present themselves at their best. Although, in fact, it would be interesting to see whether escorts who promoted themselves by only using candid shots without make-up or specially selected ‘sexy’ clothing, would be popular with punters, or would they prefer the professionally shot, and artistically posed photographs. keeping photographs up-to-date We’ve all heard the tales of how someone booked an escort based on her photographs and then found that their escort looked nothing like the photos, in fact so much so that it was likely that it wasn’t even the girl in the photograph at all; or that the photos were either photoshopped so much that the escort could never live up to the photos, or that they were old photos that showed the escort when they were much (and sometimes much, much) younger. While it may be tempting to have photos airbrushed to extreme to show themselves in the best light, most escorts know that this is defeating the object and will ultimately lead to disappointment on behalf of the client. This is turn leads to no repeat bookings at best, and poor reviews. For this reason, most agencies and photographers would recommend that escorts only use photographs that have been taken within the last 6 months and that they don’t get them retouched so much that they don’t look anything like they do in the flesh. While it’s nice to smooth out a little blemish here and there, keeping the photographs realistic will pay more dividends in the long run. After all, if you have a few lumps and bumps you’d rather not show in photos, they’re still going to be there in the flesh when you have the meeting. Most escorts are well aware that while having photographs which show you in the best light are important, putting up pics which suggest you have a DD cup bust when you only have a B cup is likely to result in a highly disappointed customer, a bad review and a damaged career. An important part of escorting is building trust between the agency, the escorts and the clients, so if the majority of the  photographs are misleading it’s not a good way to start. Escorts appreciate that their customers have often spent a great deal of money to be with them, and so they won’t want to alienate them from the start and spoil the whole experience.

When you’re looking to book an escort for the evening, how do you go about finding your escort? Most clients will probably put ‘Hong Kong escorts’ or some similar term into an internet search engine and wait to see what comes up. Of course, your search will return literally millions of entries, although you’ll probably end up choosing an agency from the first page of results. But how do you know that simply choosing an agency from that listing of Hong Kong escort agencies will result in you finding an agency that meets your needs and what should you be looking for in a escort agency? An escort agency’s website should always clearly state what the relationship is between them and the girls on their pages. Are the girls employed by the agency or is the agency merely an intermediary who works on behalf of the girls to put them in touch with clients? If they are intermediaries, then they’ll do everything involved with promoting the escorts and arranging the meetings, but once the meeting is underway they’re not responsible for anything that happens between the escort and the client. All their escorts are completely independent and just use the agency as a way to find clients. Most clients will have a list of criteria for choosing an escort agency. Top of the list will probably be the selection of escorts being promoted by the site – the more girls, the better – as it gives a much better chance of finding the girl of your dreams. Of course, it can also make choosing far more difficult, that’s why it’s wise to choose an agency which makes it easy for you to find what you want. You’ll find that the best escort agencies have the facility to allow you to search their database of escorts to narrow down your search. Being able to search by area of Hong Kong, or by hair colour for example, makes it much easier to find your perfect date if you’re in Earl’s Court and you only want to meet with blonde escorts. It means you don’t have to scroll through all the girls although, we’re sure you’ll agree that unless you’re actually very short of time, browsing through the photographs is a ver y enjoyable past time for many clients. And speaking of photographs, you’ve all seen photos of escorts which are quite obviously photoshopped and touched up. The girls don’t have a hair out of place, a roll of fat on their body or a single blemish on their skin. Of course, while a little photoshopping usually takes place to make the photographs as attractive as possible, nobody wants to see photographs which have been altered so drastically that you don’t actually recognise the escort when you meet her. Of course, that could be down to the fact that some disreputable escort agencies post photographs which are not of the girls on their books, they’re simply there to draw their clients in, with the women they send to the meetings bearing little or no resemblance to the girl you saw in the photograph. One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you is to check the site for client reviews. Read what other clients have said about the girls. Clients will usually say if they suspect that the photos aren’t genuine or if they’ve been touched up too much, so the most reputable Hong Kong escort agencies will only ever use photographs of the actual escort they are promoting. You’ll also want to use an escort agency that makes it easy for you to make your booking. They should clearly state what you need to do to organise a meeting – whether you need to call or email and whether you’ll need to leave contact details so that they can keep you informed if your meeting is changed. Of course, you’ll also want to use an agency which is completely professional and discreet, and one which allows uncensored customer reviews on their website. Take your time and look around the site. Does everything seem up to date? Are the reviews recent or are the last reviews dated months or even years ago? If they’ve included a blog page, is this kept up to date or has it been allowed to lapse. If the website is out of date and poorly managed, it may indicate a lack of commitment on behalf of the agency to providing the best service it can for its escorts and its clients. Always remember that these agencies don’t actually employ the escorts, therefore they should never ask you for any money. All payments should be made in cash to your escort at the beginning of your date. Please bear this in mind when making your booking. You won’t be able to pay by credit or debit card, so you should always make sure that you have enough cash available plus a little extra should you get the uncontrollable urge to spend longer in the company of your escort. Escort agencies don’t take their payment from the clients, they receive introduction fees from the escorts. Finally, all the best escort agencies are in demand from both escorts and clients. They’ve proved that they’re trustworthy and honest and that the girls they promote are real. They provide efficient booking systems and websites which are easy to navigate and use and they’ll always give you a friendly and professional service whenever you have to contact them. They’ll also give you as much information as they can to make your choice as easy a process as possible and they’ll always be on hand to give you advice about particular escorts should you need help making a decision. So when you’re looking to book an escort in Hong Kong, always remember to choose an escort agency that offers all these things, so you can be sure you’re going to have a satisfactory experience. Men visit our Hong Kong escorts for all kinds of reasons; from just needing to blow off some steam to looking for a very special kind of encounter. Many of these men are seeking something which they feel they can’t ‘get at home’. Maybe a special sexual service or a willingness to indulge in sexual activities which are outside their partner’s normal repertoire. These activities can be many and varied, but we find that often there’s a common theme running through these desires, and that’s to experience some kind of role play. They all want to immerse themselves in a fantasy. Perhaps it’s as common as the popular nurse and patient role play or some kind of teacher and pupil interaction, or maybe some are looking for something much more spicy in the form of Mistress and submissive, but whatever kind of role play is desired, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find one of our gorgeous Elite escorts who will be happy to oblige. Naughty nurses One of the favourite role play scenarios involves a naughty nurse. Whether they’re treating their patients or providing sexual favours for a doctor, the nurse and her uniform has been the subject of countless fantasies, probably since the days of Florence Nightingale. This is probably due to the fact that they’re seen as caring and compassionate women, who are keen to do anything they can to make you feel good. However, their popularity as the subject of men’s fantasies is also probably due to the effect that a traditional nurse’s uniform has on men. The current trend of trousers and tunics on hospital wards may have changed the way we view nurses, but the traditional image of tight dress, apron and cap, still leaves many men in need of oxygen, especially when the dress is ultra short. Many of our Hong Kong escorts absolutely adore to dress up as nurses and administer their own special brand of care. Whether that’s administering cool cloths to your heated brow, giving you a thorough examination or even an invigorating bed bath is entirely down to you, but we’re sure that you’ll definitely see a rise in your temperature. Of course, our naughty nurses don’t dress in the trousers and tunics of today’s wards, but prefer to don ultra short dresses, perhaps in some sort of PVC to really make an impact, together with silky stockings and an artfully placed nurse’s cap. Just imagine it now, your own private nurse, dressed to thrill, with her considerable assets on show. Imagine her approaching you with a stethoscope, eager to hear just how her appearance is making your heart beat faster, and then imagine her practicing her nursing skills on you. Feeling a little excited? We bet you are. Saucy secretaries There’s always been an attraction between secretaries and their bosses. Maybe it’s something to do with the difference in power, or perhaps the way the secretary adopts a servile role. Perhaps it’s more to do with the secretary’s outward air of competence and ability to organise, contrasted against their perceived inward seething sexuality. Who knows the precise reason? But there’s no doubt that many men have fantasies about being embroiled in a sexual encounter with a secretary. We all know that iconic image of a secretary dressed conservatively in a tight pencil skirt and buttoned up silk blouse, wearing high heels and stockings. We can imagine the scene now. Her hair in a tight bun pulled back from her head. A pair of spectacles perched on her nose, expressing an air of sophistication mixed with intelligence. The slightly haughty way in which she carries the pile of documents into her boss’s office before bending over to place them on his desk. The way her tight skirt pulls across her buttocks, highlighting the shape of the suspenders underneath the fabric. We can see the way her boss looks up, eyeing her breasts straining against the silky fabric. One look from him, perhaps a word or two, and the sophisticated secretary reaches up to let down her hair, removes her horn rimmed spectacles, unbuttons the first three buttons of her shirt to reveal the lacy bra beneath. The image of our saucy secretary is born. Would you like to experience a meeting with your own saucy secretary today? Book a meeting with one of our raunchy role play escorts in Hong Kong. They’ll play out your fantasy to your heart’s desire. Teasing teacher Did you have a favourite female teacher at school? Was it down to the way she taught the lesson or was she the first female to stir the raging hormones of your youth? Perhaps you fantasized about her giving you extra lessons. Perhaps those lessons went beyond the realms of maths or English and started to stray into the territory of biology and reproduction? Whatever your favourite teacher fantasy, our naughty role play escorts can replay it for you in full technicolour, safe in the knowledge that your advances will not be rebuffed and that your teacher will do exactly as you want, even if she remains firmly in control. Perhaps there’s something aboutt her punishing you if you get things wrong or speak out of turn, or perhaps your fantasy is all about an older woman teaching a young boy the ways of the world. Whatever your teacher fantasy, why not discuss it with one of our gorgeous role play escorts? We’re sure they’ll be happy to oblige you and bring your fantasy to life. Just imagine it now; those deep seated desires finally coming to fruition and all under your control. This is your fantasy. It plays out the way you want it to. It’ll score 10 out of 10 in the satisfaction stakes and you’ll certainly want to spend as much time in detention as you can, with one of our teacher role play escorts. Feisty French maids There’s just something about the image of a cheeky French maid dressed in an ultra short black dress on top of white net underskirts, topped with a sparkling white pinny and a white lace cap perched upon her curls. Perhaps it’s the way she waves that feather duster in her hand with a naughty glint in her eye, as she considers which would be the best part of your anatomy to feel the tickle of her feathers first. Perhaps it’s the old custom of landed gentry using their maids at a whim for their sexual pleasure that turns you on so much. The idea that they’re YOUR property and that you can do with them as you will. Whatever your underlying reasons for loving the idea of spending time in the company of one of our fiendishly feisty French maid role play escorts, we’re sure that you’re going to love the experience. Many of our Hong Kong escorts are happy to include role play in their escort services, whether you book them for incalls or outcalls, and we’ve several escort girls who keep a naughty French maid outfit in their wardrobe just for special encounters like this. Would you love to tame a feisty French maid? Call our friendly receptionists and make a booking today. Passionate policewomen Does your fantasy involve a policewoman? I guess it’s not got much to do with those hardworking policewomen who pound the Hong Kong streets every day. Our policewomen are certainly dressed for practicality today and there’s not much of their uniform which gives rise to fantasy. However, the image of a policewoman of say, twenty years ago, with their tight skirts and funny little hats is enough to turn some men on, but when you think about the uniforms worn by policewomen in the States, then that’s another matter altogether. Imagine it now, the sight of a shapely body dressed in nothing but a short tunic style dress, with the zipper pulled right down revealing her saucy underwear beneath. Take in the heavy leather utility belt slung low on her slim hips, the hand cuffs dangling visibly against the top of her thighs. She’s probably wearing one of those hats beloved by the Village People and a sexy pair of Ray Ban Aviators to boot. Visualise it now; the sexy way in which she swings her truncheon. By the time your passion reaches a crescendo, thinking about how she’s going to use those cuffs; she’ll probably need a taser to keep you at bay. And speaking of cuffs, do you have a fantasy of being chained to the bed while she has her wicked way with you, perhaps using her truncheon to give you a bit of much needed discipline? Can you imagine the way her full breasts threaten to spill out of her tight top as she leans across to clip those cuffs into place? Are you trying to picture the passion in her eyes, hidden behind the lenses of her shades? We bet you are. Why leave it all to your imagination when you can book one of our Hong Kong role play escorts and live it out for real today? Amorous air hostesses Remember the days when air hostesses wore white gloves and were onboard purely to make your flight extra special. Well perhaps you’re not that old, but with TV shows such as Mad Men highlighting the role of the original air hostesses and showing them dressed in designer suits, made up to the nines and exuding glamour from every pore, we think air hostesses are certainly in the top ten of men’s fantasies. As most men will tell you, there’s just something about being waited on hand and foot by a glamorous and sophisticated woman that brings out their primal urge to be served. Think of Geishas, they have pretty much the same effect, although we’re not whether any of our Hong Kong escort girls are equipped to role play a Geisha! The ultimate role play – the Elite Dominatrix Have you always had a fantasy of having your every move, action and thought controlled by a leather clad Dominatrix? Well, here’s your chance to experience that in the company of one of our domination escorts. These are the kind of women who know which buttons to press, and how far to press them, to give you an experience of domination and submission which you’ll adore. Whether it’s the first time you’ve dipped your toe into the D/s world, or you’re a regular partaker in power control games, you’re sure to have an experience to remember when you meet one of our domination escort girls. This kind of service goes beyond mere role play. Yes you’re quite welcome to play at the roles, to pretend you’re submissive, but if you really do crave the feelings that giving up your power to another can bring, you’ll also get the opportunity to try that out for real. Whether you feel the urge to be treated like a baby, a servant, or you’re eager to experience some kind of physical or mental pain, we’re sure to have a domination escort to suit you. We know that submission is a very personal thing and what turns one submissive on, won’t necessarily appeal to another. Why not take a look through our domination escorts and see if any of their domination services appeal to you? Make a booking with one of Elite’s role play escorts If all this talk of role play escorts has whetted your appetite a little, why not take a look through our gallery today? You’ll find that many of our Hong Kong escorts are happy to offer all kinds of role play to their clients, including dressing up in uniforms and sharing their interesting and erotic toy boxes with you too. The vast majority of our role play escorts are available for both incalls and outcalls in all areas of Hong Kong, including Sloane Square, Bayswater, Notting Hill and Canary Wharf, to name a few. So don’t hold onto those fantasies any longer. Get in touch with our receptionist at Elite Escorts and make a booking with one of our role play escorts today. You know you deserve it – and so do we!

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