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    Japanese Dancer Hong Kong

Hello, my name is Kiki. I am a 22-year-old, five foot two inch, petite Japanese dancer. I love to lavish all my attention on my new friends and give them a night of sheer pleasure. I may be compact, but I pack a lot of power, which you will witness as my body writhes and weaves throughout the room. As I remove layer after layer, my soft, round breasts and firm ass are slowly and seductively revealed. I am smooth everywhere, and take excellent care of my body. I work out six days a week, and believe me, it shows! I look amazing and feel great. You won’t be able to resist me when I share this meticulous body with you. Is your mind traveling to a naughty place? I hope so! Men are the most fun when they allow themselves to be a little naughty. Hong Kong is the place to open up the gates to an unforgettable experience with a tempting Asian beauty!

I like to start every dance by looking deep into your eyes, letting you know I am completely yours for the evening. No one and nothing on the planet is as important to me as you are in that moment. I will then turn and shake my ass in your face for a spell, making sure you know exactly what you are about to receive. As my skirt and blouse slide down to the floor, they will reveal a sexy bra and thong in your favorite color should you make a request. Slowly, I remove those, leaving only my stockings which you may pull off if you’d like. Then I will bring out the oils. My sexy Asian Vegas escort trademark is the creative use of oils in my erotic dance.

The music will change from sexy to relaxing as a floral scent fills the room. As I rub the oils into my soft skin, you will be tempted to touch me and want me more than you have ever wanted a woman. My glistening body will excite you. My hands will knead over my thighs, belly and breasts as you imagine them caressing and massaging you. Once your imagination runs wild, I want you to tell me the best ways to excite you. Tell me your deepest, darkest fantasies.

Everyone gets lonely from time to time, especially when traveling alone. If you want to dine together with room service or at a five star restaurant, we can arrange it. I enjoy anything from steak to sushi and love to dance. The city is filled with shows, concerts and clubs. The choice is yours. I am comfortable anywhere. Whether you want to walk barefoot in a park or pound the pavement on the Strip, we will enjoy ourselves. No matter where I go, I want to laugh and enjoy life because it is too short. So spend a little time with me. Let me entertain you. Let me make you laugh as you take a break from life for a while. What are you waiting for? The night cannot start until you pick up that phone! Call Now for Booking