Thai Massage in Hong Kong

Get a traditional Thai style Thai Massage in Hong Kong, we have trained and experienced Thai masseuses who can give you a real Thai massage experience at our massage shop or in the comfort of your hotel or home.

We bring a real traditional Thai massage to Hong Kong to help you relax from the daily stresses of working in Hong Kong and also gives your body a chance to stretch its muscles and spine to relieve the aches and pains.

Our Thai massage service in Hong Kong can also incorporate other types of massage or treatments to suit your requirements such as oil or aroma therapy massage.

The Traditional Thai Massage stems from ancient Buddhist tradition and is performed according to ancient medical practice from Thailand and neighbouring regions

A Thai Massage leaves you relaxed, with a feeling of well-being in body and soul.

Thai massage or neat bo’rarn is one of the oldest and most popular forms of Thai massage treatments around the world, It is a traditional healing art developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha or the revered ‘Father Doctor’ of Thai medicine. Thai massage is based on stretching techniques of Indian Ayurveda and Chinese acupressure.

To the uninitiated, Thai massage is associated with pain and discomfort, involving contortions of all sorts of unimaginable body positions while being kneaded deeply by a therapist.

To the devoted, Thai massage is a healing, physically energising and spiritual experience that aids relaxation and helps to prevent disease.

A typical Thai massage is performed on a floor mat with both the therapist and recipient wearing loose comfortable clothing. In accordance with Buddhist philosophy, the session begins with a meditative state that is in turn imparted to the recipient during the session. After gently squeezing the limbs to warm the body, the therapist uses his or her hands, forearms, kness and feet to apply pressure to the body’s sen or acupoints to encourage a smoother flow of energy.

While Thai massage does not necessarily seek to relax the body, it is a dynamic physical experience that integrates body, mind and spirit. When performed in a quiet, meditative atmosphere, the technique loosens the body completely, releasing tension and thoroughly invigorating the system.

Relaxation is an incidental bonus of a successful massage session.